Cody, who’s real name is Richard Lee Haynes Jr., was last seen on September 12, 2004. He was eleven years old at the time. According to reports, Cody was sent to his room at midnight after refusing to do his chores. He was never seen again.

CPS had investigated two previous claims of abuse reported by the boy’s school, both were deemed unsubstantiated. The Haynes children were quickly pulled from school for “homeschooling,” and the case was never followed up on.

After his disappearance, CPS removed Cody’s sisters from the custody of their father, Richard Lee Haynes Sr and his girlfriend Marla Harding. Once they were safe from the hell they had lived in, the girls began to shed light on what actually happened to their brother. After their mother was charged with child abuse, the children were placed in their fathers custody, where the abuse continued.

According to Cody’s oldest sister, Cody was severely punished that night for refusing to do the dishes and mispronouncing the word “pasta.” She described hearing him being beaten in the kitchen, until a final loud thud, when Cody stopped crying.

Cody’s father abruptly left “to look for car parts” at 2AM that evening, and did not return for 14 hours. The girls awoke to a chair in the hallway with a note, telling them not to go near Cody’s room. Richard Sr. finally reported his son missing around 6PM the following day.

Richard Lee Haynes Sr quickly married his girlfriend Marla Harding after Cody went missing. They immediately hired a lawyer, and to this day, have not given interviews to investigators or the media. They also refused to help volunteers in the search for Cody.

After securing a warrant, investigators discovered that Richard Sr. had sold his van to a scrap yard in the days following Cody’s disappearance, and he had replaced the entire kitchen floor without the landlords consent.

Richard Lee Haynes Sr. passed away in January of 2019. His step-mother is believed to be remarried and residing in California.

Neither has been charged with anything relating to Cody’s disappearance. Cody still has not been found.

There is a reward for any information regarding this case. If you have any information, please contact Kittitas Police Department at 509-968-0222 or the Nor-Cal Alliance For The Missing Anonymous Tipline at 530-378-4491.