On Friday, the lovely woman that runs Missing In Canada put up the following posting, and reached out to us seeking answers to confounding mystery:

I’m going to say, I don’t share her enthusiasm or hope that this may really be the missing Casey Bohun. The Facebook page this woman is using was originally listed under the name “Laura Elizabith Bowles.” Her email is under the name “Laura George.”

From scouring social media and the web, I found the same woman began claiming to be Casey around the time the media mass reported her story for the thirtieth anniversary of her disappearance. Missing in Canada confirmed she started messaging their page in August of 2019. This is around the same time that her name on Facebook switched from Laura Elizabith Bowles to Casey Bohun, and she began posting publicly available childhood photos of Casey as her own.

According to Missing in Canada, the IP address associated with the messages and postings was traced by police to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Baton Rouge is a long way away from the numerous credible sightings of Bohun, police stated, were in the Vancouver area.

Canada is not considered “across the pond” from America.

Further, this woman, who if she was Casey Bohun presumably made these accounts to get help, commented numerous pictures of animals on Reddit before scouring the site and commenting threads about Casey claiming to be her.

The woman who contacted Missing in Canada also posted this photo array, which may or may not actually be her, and claimed a laundry list of DNA testing she’s completed. A majority of which are companies that contribute information to the national genealogy registry. She claims she had contacted police, but they didn’t take her seriously. There is usually a solid reason for that.

My opinion: I feel this may be a mentally ill/unstable person who became engrossed in this case through expansive media coverage for the thirtieth anniversary. This individual may be operating under delusion, or cognitively seeking attention. If that is the case, what an awful thing to do; to her family, to people following the case, and to the plethora of people that try so hard to shine light/bring closure to these cases. I am completely open to changing my mind in the presence of solid evidence, but thus far there seems to be none.

Have you encountered this woman? If so please contact Missing in Canada, or us here at Defrost The Cold Cases.