NO JUSTICE FOR BRITTANY | Hoke County, North Carolina 01•07•1998

On the morning of January, 7 1998, five year old Brittany Locklear and her mother, Connie Chavis, were waiting for her kindergarten school bus outside their home in southern Hoke County, NC.

After Brittany’s mother ran inside briefly to use the bathroom, she returned to the front of the house to discover Brittany was gone. She raced to the school, only to be told Brittany had not gotten on the bus.

A neighbor, named Rose Johnson, unknowingly had witnessed her abduction. Johnson described the suspect to authorities as a white male in a full sized brown or tan truck.

Hundreds of area residents volunteered to scour the area for Brittany. The evening of her abduction, her clothing and backpack were found.

On January 8, 1999, the kindergartener’s naked body was found in a drainage ditch on a farm road, just three miles away from her home. She had been raped and drowned.

Authorities quickly cleared Brittany’s parents of any involvement. Investigators received nearly 2,000 tips in the weeks that followed her disappearance and subsequent death. None of the tips lead to her killer.

Law enforcement interviewed every known sex offender within a fifty-mile radius. They searched in vain for their only real lead, a white man in a brown pickup truck.

Five years later, authorities publicly named forty-four year old Keith Douglas Londeree as a possible suspect. While cleaning out his work locker his employer, the Fort Bragg Fire Department, discovered a photo of Brittany. The photo was clipped from a newspaper article about the abduction. Authorities took a DNA sample from Londeree, but it did not match DNA found on Brittany’s body, and he was cleared as a suspect.

There have been no other leads in the murder of Brittany Locklear. 

If you have any information regarding the murder of Brittany Locklear, please contact the Hoke County Sheriffs Office at (910) 875-5111