CLANCY, MONTANA | Nyleen Kay Marshall 06•25•1983

On June 25, 1983, four-year-old Nyleen Kay Marshall disappeared while on a picnic with her family in Helena National Forest, Montana. Numerous children that had been playing with Nyleen claimed to have seen a man in a jogging suit nearby around the time the girl vanished.

Six months after her disappearance, her family began to receive typewritten letters about Nyleen.

Excerpts of the letters were featured on Unsolved Mysteries, and they read:

Excerpt One:

I picked “Kay” up on the road in the Elkhorn Park area between Helena and Boulder. She was crying and frightened and as I held her she was shaking and I decided that I would keep her and love her. I took her home with me.

I have a nice investment income and I can work at home so I care for her myself all the time. I teach her at home and she likes to go with me when I travel.

Her hair is short and curly now and she has really grown. She is about 45 inches and around 50 pounds. She has all four of her permanent upper and two of her lower incisors at this time. She takes a bath and brushes her teeth every day.

She eats well. Her favorite meal is pizza.

Excerpt Two:

[S]he would gladly recount to you trips to San Francisco, New York, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Nashville, Chicago, Puerto Rico and Canada. We were even in Britain for a month last year and she loved it. (Nobody questions passports.)

Excerpt Three:

[I]t is or where it comes from, only that I get it from the bathroom every morning. It is actually a spoonful of my semen. It doesn’t affect her physically. I have NEVER “molested” her in any other way.

She is a sweet little girl and it is because of how much I have grown to love her that I realize how much her family must miss her. But she has adjusted and seems happy. She trusts me and isn’t afraid. We play [sic] alot and she laughs when we clown around. She smiles and acts coy when I tease her. She giggles when we snuggle and hugs me sometimes for no apparent reason. I love her and I have her. I just can’t let her go!

Three years after the last letter, another typewritten letter was mailed to investigators, with a postmark of Madison, Wisconsin. Payphone calls also originating from the same area were made to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System inquiring about the case, the male on the phone eventually admitted that he had kidnapped Nyleen.

Numerous tips have been received, and even lead to the recovery of another missing girl, but Nyleen Marshall has never been found.

Anyone with information about Nyleen Kay Marshall, or her abductor, can Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department at (406) 225 -4075