UPDATE: 02•05•2020

According to Gloucester Police Department’s Facebook page, the search for Abbie will continue. They previously called off the search on Monday.

Fifty nine year old Abbie Flynn was supposed to host a Super Bowl party at her Gloucester, Massachusetts home on Sunday. When guests arrived for the party around 6PM, she was not there.

It appeared as though she had prepared for the party. Her cellphone was also in the home. Worried guests promptly called police.

According to Ed Conley, Chief of the Gloucester Police Department “There was indications that she had been at home, that she had prepared for the party, but she was not there.”

The last person to hear from Flynn was her son. Around 4PM they spoke on the phone, and she told him she was going for a walk. She was last seen in the area around 4:30PM. It is not clear where she intended to go. 

An extensive search of the area was conducted on Monday. Law enforcement focused on the coastline near her home, along with walking paths and a wooded area.

At this time, there is no indication of foul play. The search has been suspended, but the investigation remains active.

Police are currently operating under the theory that she went for a walk, and may have become lost or had a medical incident.

Similarly, a fifty two year old Boston woman named Theresa A. Coen went missing in the same area on March 17, 2018. She also left her belongings at home, and is still considered missing.

Eerily, fifty six year old Susan Nilsson’s body was found in the same area in 2015.

Recently, a man was arrested at a beach not far from the area for attempting to abduct an older woman.

Anyone that may have information about this case is asked to contact the Gloucester Police Department at (978) 283-1212