RELEASING THE BEAST | Prolific serial killer Luis Garavito to be released in 2021

One of the most notorious serial killers of all time, Columbia’s Luis Garavito, nicknamed “The Beast,” is set for release from prison next year.

Garavito was arrested after an almost two year long investigation into the disappearances of children in eleven different Colombian states. He confessed to torturing, raping, and then murdering 138 young boys on April 22, 1999. Investigators believe that the real number of victims could exceed 300.

After being found guilty on charges relating to the deaths of 138 children, Garavito was sentenced to 1,853 years and 9 days in prison.

However, a local law limits imprisonment to no more than 40 years, and in consideration of the fact that Garavito had helped police find the victims’ bodies willingly, his sentence was further reduced to just 22 years. This means that he scheduled to be released in 2021.

He was previously denied an early release in 2011. There is still a possibility that he could be extradited to Ecuador after the completion of his Colombian prison term, as he has plead guilty to similar charges for crimes committed there, and owes the country a twenty two year sentence. Extradition is decided by the Supreme Court of Justice.

Two Colombian natives are at the top of the Guinness Book of World Records largest-scale serial killers of modern times list: Luis Garavito and Pedro Alonso López (”the Monster of the Andes”)