ORLANDO, FLORIDA | Jennifer Kesse 01•24•2006

Twenty-four year old Jennifer Kesse’s parents received a call on January, 24, 2019 notifying them that Jennifer had not shown up for work. Her parents raced from their home in Tampa, Florida to Jennifer’s Orlando condo. They found evidence that she had been home that morning, and it appeared as though she had been getting ready for work. She an outfit laid out on the bed, along with a wet towel, but there was no sign of Jennifer.

In the days following, police would locate her car, including surveillance video of an unidentifiable person parking and walking away from the car. To this day, that video is one of the most frustrating aspects of the case, the suspect’s face is obscured in every single frame. 

Jennifer Kesse is described as a white female, 5’8”, 125 pounds, with sandy blonde hair and green eyes.  

If you have any information relating to the disappearance of Jennifer Kasse please call The Kesse Family Tip Line at 941-201-4009

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